Taking Pictures of the Boulevard at Capital Center

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Updated January 4, 2019

Originally published on July 20, 2016

Washington, DC is full of cranes because the city is full of construction projects.

Yes, I still make my occasional trips to the Boulevard at Capital Center. I spend at least an hour walking around the shopping center taking pictures. As the state and the county wrangles its way to agreement on construction of the new hospital, I take pictures – because one day – there will be cranes here.

Walking near Famous Dave’s Restaurant, now closed, at the Boulevard

Here, in Largo, we have been patiently waiting on one major project – the new Prince George’s Regional Medical Center. We have been waiting for several years now. And just when I thought, everything was done, turns out – it wasn’t. I think a regulator had one more thing, actually a couple, more things that needed to be regulated before the stamp of approval could go forth.

Oh well, what’s another year. I’m just waiting and taking pictures. You see, when the cranes go up, and the fences go up, and the construction materials are hauled in, I will (over time) begin to forget what the Boulevard looked like. Not in general, just specifically – where the outdoor icons stood, what the remaining stores were in Restaurant Row, the kinds of flowers that lined the walkways, or the length of the parking lot between the metro rail and the movie theater.

What did it look like in the winter, the spring, or the fall? So, before all of that happens. I will take pictures, so I will know and be able to answer the question in case any of my relatives ask, “What was there before?”

The former food court at The Boulevard at the Capital Center

Before the Boulevard, there was the Capital Center Arena, and as many shows that I attended there – I can remember in general, but the specifics – well only a bit.

I look forward to that new modern state-of-the-art hospital, the jobs, the business, and all of the positive opportunities that I hope will come with it. I am patient.

I have lots to do. There is construction of new apartments next to the metro. The new Largo Town Center is taking shape. I photograph that too.

I will remember the Boulevard for my seat at a table in Borders Books, my coffee from Starbucks, or my earrings purchased at Claires. I even have pictures of the last community jazz concert I attended with my brother and sister, sitting in lawn chairs, on a warm afternoon in front of Restaurant Row.

I will take pictures of all of the changes so that I can remember.

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